What to Expect


From the minute you walk in our door, you can expect personalized attention and care in a comfortable, confidential environment. Patients often tell us they immediately feel the difference from other centers they’ve explored. We’d like to think that’s because we make each patient feel like she is the only one. During your first visit, our physicians and nurses will listen attentively as you explain your fertility journey and then begin working to solve your unique infertility puzzle.

How long will the visit last?

The New Patient Visit is scheduled with you and your husband or partner, and it will last about an hour and a half. You will meet with one of our expert physicians and with our highly trained team of nurses and support staff. This visit is an important first step to helping us understand your fertility history.

What happens during the visit?

Your first visit will be a comprehensive evaluation of your health history, aimed at identifying potential fertility factors that may prevent you from achieving pregnancy. Your physician will review your medical history, your current health status and your and your husband’s (or partner’s) current lifestyle (i.e., exercise, diet, medications). She also may order blood work as part of our diagnostic workup. The blood draw will be conveniently done right here in our lab. Your physician also will perform a complete physical examination, including a diagnostic ultrasound, all in the comfort of our office.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with our Financial Counselor to review your insurance coverage. We recommend verification of your infertility treatment insurance benefits prior to this visit. If your insurance company requires preauthorization, we will submit this for you. Please call our office at 513-865-1675 or email bethesda_center@trihealth.com to begin the verification process.

Do I need to bring my medical records?

Yes, please do. A review of your medical history is an essential part of providing a complete fertility assessment, including documentation of medical conditions or prior treatment. You will need to contact your current gynecologist or other medical professional to fax or send us your records. You may use our  medical records release form to make this request easier.

Does my spouse/partner need to come to this first visit?

We believe that your husband or partner is a critical member of this journey you are taking together. It is not mandatory that your spouse or partner come to the first visit, but your physician will need to meet with him at some point before treatment can begin. The initial male evaluation is a semen analysis. Your spouse or partner will be given an order for this critical test.

What if I am on my period?

Most infertility treatment is scheduled around the first day of your menstrual flow. An ultrasound can be done during your menstrual cycle. Just let the physician or nursing staff know, and we will make your visit as comfortable as possible.