Patient Testimonials


“For my entire life there was one thing that I knew to be true, that I was meant to be a mother. My husband and I tried for years and were unable to conceive. After 16 months of clomid, ovidrel, IUIs and more internal ultrasounds than I can count, we needed to take a break. We remained positive, and kept smiling through the tears.

Finally, we were ready to try again. In January of 2012, we came back to try again. By that point we had been trying to conceive for seven years. We decided that we would do three months of clomid to get a base reading on how my body reacted before moving on to injectables and then ultimately, in vitro. Miraculously, on our third month of clomid, we were finally blessed with a positive test.

I officially conceived on April 11, a date I will never forget. Our beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Kay Lawhon, was born on Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012. It was, without a doubt, the most beautiful day of my life! I could never fully express my love and gratitude for the staff there. From Theresa, who always greeted me with a smile and made me feel at home from the first moment I met her, to all of the amazing nurses who held my hand and offered words of wisdom, hope and above all, complete support, both medically and more importantly, emotionally, each and every single step of the way.

Thank you to everyone who helped us create this perfect baby girl. She has truly completed our family and we love her more than we ever imagined possible. She is a constant joy and she wouldn't be here if not for all of our angels there at the Bethesda Fertility Center. Thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts!"

- Dawn and Kevin Lawhon

“It's the greatest blessing to love and care for our babies. After working with 2 fertility centers in Columbus, we were very impressed with Bethesda’s center. We felt that the Bethesda staff was in tune with us. The other centers lacked that and we felt lost in their crowd of patients. We drove 2 hours one way for every appointment and were impressed that we never had any long waits.”

- Ed and Kim, Grove City, Ohio

“The staff of Bethesda’s fertility center were honest and straightforward, but they were also compassionate as they traveled the fertility emotional roller coaster with us. We shared some of the most difficult and happy moments of our marriage with the staff, and they were always professional, encouraging and hopeful. Kayleigh has made every day happier and more significant.”

- Rob and Jeannine, Mason, Ohio

“Our satisfaction is tremendous, not just because we were ultimately successful, but because Dr. Thie and the staff at the Center were very realistic and honest with our progress and very supportive throughout.”

- Mike and Cindy, Hamilton, Ohio

“Our dream of becoming parents has come true thanks to Bethesda’s center! Now, we can’t imagine our lives without Zachary!"

- Greg and Jenny, Cincinnati, Ohio

“In Jonah, we are both lost and found at the same time. All the years of longing are a distant memory, and he has healed us and brought us unimaginable joy! We have recommended [the center] to 6 couples and all have become pregnant except for 2, who are in the early stages of treatment. But we know they’ll be helped to achieve their dream too!”

- Tim and Jenny, Columbus, Ohio

“Having Tyler has made our lives complete. Before, we felt like something was missing. We would and have recommended Bethesda’s center to our friends because everyone there is so helpful.”

- Michael and Jennifer, Cincinnati, Ohio

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with the center. They enabled us to have a beautiful daughter. We always speak highly of the center and everyone associated with it and tell people that if they know anyone who needs help having a child to go see [them].”

- Mark and Lori, Cincinnati, Ohio