Bethesda Fertility Center at a Glance


As Cincinnati’s first infertility center, opening in 1987, we’ve enjoyed more than three decades of helping patients reach their goal of parenthood. That’s three decades of births, scraped knees, graduations – and even marriages – that may never have been. From the minute patients walk through our doors, they understand they are not just another case to us. They experience our compassion immediately and then trust us to customize a treatment plan suited to their unique clinical history and personal goals.

We’re dedicated to each patient’s fertility success. Because some treatments require constant monitoring, we’re here seven days a week to ensure the highest quality care.

Responsive, Individualized Infertility Care

There’s both a science and a human aspect to infertility treatment, and centers vary greatly in these areas. We pride ourselves on having the right mix of both. We complement our comprehensive list of treatment options with the following:

  • Patient-focused care that addresses your unique clinical situation, personal preferences, culture and religious beliefs
  • An assessment of your reproductive potential via ovarian reserve screening  
  • Honest discussion about your chances of fertility so you can make educated decisions regarding treatment options and finances

Expanding Possibilities

We offer the right blend of compassion, expertise and technology to bring you the highest possibility of fertility success.  Below are just a few reasons why patients who’ve done their research choose the Bethesda Fertility Center.

  • Our  experts are leaders in their fields, contributing to research that has nationally impacted such areas as ovarian reserve screening,  ovarian stimulation, egg donation, embryo quality, embryo freezing, egg freezing and micromanipulation techniques.    
  • We continue our leadership in the Tristate of offering new technologies first, many of which have significantly improved male fertility.   
  • We offer one of the most successful egg donation programs in the nation.
  • Our  IVF program offers consistently high success rates, often surpassing local and national averages.
  • We offer treatment options that address a wide range of infertility causes, including such common causes as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  
  • Our  fertility preservation program provides new options for women facing cancer treatment or for those choosing to delay parenthood.   
  • Our Reproductive Studies Lab continues its leadership in low multiple birth rates and consistently high pregnancy rates using advanced IVF methods such as blastocyst transfer. (We were the first in the Tristate to achieve pregnancy with this technology. We now routinely culture all our embryos to this more advanced stage of development.)  

If you have concerns about your fertility, give our office a call at 513-865-1675 or 1-800-634-1222 to speak with one of our staff.  Keep in mind:

  • You do not need a physician referral to schedule a consultation
  • We offer convenient hours for busy schedules
  • We provide a comfortable and confidential environment